How To Skin A Coyote

How To Skin A Coyote !


1- First off you want to open them up. Your going to cut from the hock to the anus on the inside of each rear leg, a good line of reference is where the light belly fur meets the dark fur.Using your fingers work the hide around the legs, cutting it at the hock.


2- From here on out, the process is much easier with the carcass hanging. A piece of rope, chain and sturdy hook.Next you want to free up the base of tail, work the hide away from the carcass with your thumbs. 

You want to make two incisions along the sides of the anus, these cuts will meet at the base of the tail. You want the anal opening to remain on the carcass. From where these cuts meet, you want to make one incision running down the tail, 3-4 inches is more than enough. 


3-Next carefully work the hide off the tail up to the end of your incision.Now your gonna have to grunt. They make commercial tail strippers, but a pliers will work in a pinch. Grip the tail bone with the pliers, utilizing a split finger grip over the pliers (two fingers on one side of the tail, and two on the other), pull up on the tail bone, and down with the pliers. The tail bone should slip out of the hide, it may take a considerable amount of elbow grease.


4-Now grabbing the "skirt" of the pelt (the hide that used to cover the back legs) PULL! Be careful around bullet holes, especially if their on the belly or in the flanks as to much force could tear them and make them bigger.Once you get to the front legs, again use your thumbs to work the hide off the carcass through the armpits.Once you have the hide worked down past the elbows, but through the hide all the way around.Pop the front leg out of the new leg hole.


5- Work the hide down the neck, remember, skinning is 99% pulling, 1% cutting. The more you use the knife, the more chances of putting an unwanted hole in the pelt.Cut through the ear cartilage to the underlying muscle, mind the pelt.Do the other side. You can now use the ear holes as handy finger holes to work the pelt down to the eyes.Keeping your knife edge on the bone, work the pelt to the eyes. Do the eyes just as you did the ears. If you do it right, youll see no fur, do it wrong, and youll see fur through your cut, and the eye holes in your pelt will be much to large.


6- Keep that knife edge on the bone when cutting through the eye area,Once you get the eyes open, you can also use them as handy finger holes for pulling, just dont pull to hard.Skin down the nose to where the nose cartilage starts. Once you hit the cartilage of the nose (youll feel it, its much softer than bone), cut through this releasing the top of the pelt from the carcass. The chin can just be cut off, you can leave the last few inches of chin hide on the carcass.

Your done!

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